The purpose of memorial day

Today is memorial day here in the United States of America.  The purpose of the holiday is to remember those who have died, and perhaps most especially to remember the fallen soldier that gave his life to protect our way of life. Our soldiers come from every walk of life, but they all give the same sacrifice or pay the same price.

In our self indulgent society, so far from the damage and carnage of war, it can be easy to lose track of those distant sacrifices. Today has the potential to become just another holiday.  Just another chance to go boating, or have a barbecue or go shopping at the mall.  After all, the old folks that are still alive will go to the trouble to put flowers on my great grandpa’s grave.

Thinking that the older generation will carry the moral and mental burden of remembering the past is a dangerous first step by the current generation toward repeating the past.  The self indulgent and godless attitudes of nobility in days gone brought war and death.

Is there any reason we should we expect that an attitude of indifference and scorn from our elected representatives toward those they represent will bring anything other than mistrust and eventual measures to reign in their self indulgent practices?

The current leadership deficit and the long lines in the shopping mall are producing an ominous din of discontent here in America.  Debt is out primary tool and liberal ideals are the justification. The God of this land taught the important of owning land and established capitalism as a means to teach men to work for their daily bread.

Today, I remember the many lives that my freedom cost. I also know that the only way to protect and ensure that freedom is to remember the God of this land and what he has asked us to do. I remember that the purpose of freedom is to ensure that men can worship how where and what they want.

Today I shun the tools of debt and fear and ease that scheming people would use to enslave America to an ideal that shouldn’t be and really can’t be sustained. Wake up America! Wake up and shake off your debt.  Shake off your selfishness.  Return to family and responsibility.

If we do, it won’t be long before our God remembers us and blesses us again with happy fruitful families.  God bless America.