Understanding Mitt Romney

With the latest presidential election in full swing, I decided to jump in again and make my voice heard. In this election I have some additional perspective since I share the same religious cultural background as Mitt Romney, the republican candidate.

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Whatever your views, make sure you get out and vote in this coming election.

Super Tuesday 2008 and the two party system

Today is “Super Tuesday”. The media is out in force to hype the primary and caucus events that will be held today. As they say, it represents a record number of states ever to concurrently hold primary elections. To support their claims, record numbers of voters have registered throughout the country.

As I observe the primary election and nominating process this year, I’m a bit disappointed in the way it has evolved over time. In particular I’m referring to the two party system that emerged early on in American politics. The current nomination and election process likely prevents many qualified and desirable candidates from ever competing nationally due to a lack of affiliation and favor with insiders in either of the two main parties. This lack of affiliation may be just what America needs to check the political process and ensure that career politions really do have the best interests of the American people at heart. George Washington mentioned his concerns with the emergence of a party system in his farewell address.

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