China vs. USA -or- American consumption on debt

I read an article today that talked about some Chinese ships harassing a US boat. Most of the article discussed the tension and various reasons that it shouldn’t have happened and what everyone was doing about it… Whew! What that all seems to have come down to right before the last paragraph is that China is pushing on the US to determine how we’ll respond to their agression.

Then I read the last paragraph and got a little sick about the state of our country. Here’s the clip that I read:

While relations between Beijing and Washington are complex, any sense of military competitiveness is dwarfed by America’s need for China to continue buying US debt to fund its huge and growing deficit

Yikes! Do they mean to suggest that if a military conflict ever came up we would be so committed to keeping our standard of living high and our economy going, that we would prefer to maintain our current levels consumption and inflated economic outlook over maintaining our sovereignty?

It made me wonder how much of our Navy or Air Force they own with their billions of dollars of investment in our national debt. Maybe if the day comes that a military contest becomes necessary, China will just show us deed and title to our military and say “hand it over”

Or, we could stop right now and let our system fall before it recovers. At least then our recovery would have freed us from the oppressive burden of debt that we’ve taken on as consumers and as a country.

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