America can innovate and thrive without health insurance

I just read an article about flat rate health care that is now being offered in Seattle. Apparently they’re using a model similar to about 50 other clinics around the country and it seems very promising. They suggest that by eliminating the rigid demands for paperwork, contract negotiation and service levels which are imposed by the large insurance companies (such as United Health, Aetna, Cigna, WellPiont, etc. they can actually charge less to their patients and increase their own profits.

I suppose that makes sense when you consider the number of employees and facilities involved in contemporary healthcare that actually do nothing to support the actual medical needs of patients. In actuality, all they do is handle money and take their “fair share” off the top.

The approach of the Seattle clinic is to charge their patients a one time fee of $99 and then some monthly recurring fee that ranges from $39 – $199 or so. For that they get unlimited visits and care. They accept preexisting conditions too.

So why would I write about this on my blog about one Nation under God? I think that it’s important to recognize that God wants his children to be healthy and to have the freedom to exercise their talents. In this country we have enjoyed an explosion of knowledge, education and skill. That has been coupled with an unprecedented growth in technological support to enable new ideas. These are blessings that come to a God fearing Nation and which we observe missing in many nations that have less regard for God.

Wake up America and think up knew ways to prosper and thrive.

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