Vote for traditional marriage in the 2008 US General Elections

I just received a link to a site made by and for Catholics.  They did a fantastic job and reminded all Americans to take part in the political process.  Their stance on family and life are unflinching in favor of life and traditional marriage.  Even as I write traditional marriage I think that’s not the right term, since it in some way acknowledges a different view.

In the eyes of God there is no definition of marriage other than the definition he provides in holy scripture.  Take a minute and watch the video they put together and read some of their research.  Get out and vote and make sure that you exercise your influence on these critical aspects of America.

Additional resources from other religions are available.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has compiled a list of materials along these same lines.

Same Sex Marriage and Proposition 8

In fact, if you’ve been following my writing here, you’ll remember that I wrote on this subject in 2004, just before the general election where a similar ballot initiative for a constitutional amendment was on the ballot in 11 states.  Here is the newsletter that I wrote then.

Morality and Religion DO have a place in Politics and Government

and Same gender unions: an issue of moral principle

The above links both go to the same newsletter (it contains both articles).

Get out and vote and ensure that the family is preserved.

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