Primary elections in Boise ID

I voted last night in the Boise ID primary elections.  I really didn’t feel like I had enough information to vote in a few of the races.  It’s hard to find the time to do the research that I should and there are so few trustworthy sources.  The news paper and other media avenues that offer endorsements are very rarely objective and they can easily skew the results.  Quite often they are liberal too.

Despite all that, I was impressed again at the peace and tranquility.  I walked into the middle school and found it quiet.  One man that was leaving told me which direction to go to get to the voting booth.  It was a powerful contrast to what I’ve heard about in other parts of the world with armed men in the streets trying to intimidate anyone that would vote and coruption in the handling of the ballots.  I don’t think this peace and quiet is limited to the primary elections in Boise ID, but is the same throughout America.

A disappointing statistic for the Boise primary elections held yesterday is that around 20% of voters turned out. Here in America we enjoy safety, freedom and so much more than other parts of the world and such a small portion of the voting age population even shows up.  I really do wish that people would take more of an interest in the political process.

Some people may argue that the low voter turnout is due to the fact that it is a primary election, not a general election.  They’re right.  The turnout will be higher for the actual election, but will it be enough higher to show that we here in the most successful democracy in the world still value it and remember the price that was paid to obtain our freedom?  I sure hope so.

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