How can we stop child pornography

I’ve just read an article on the BBC website about an agreement reached with three principle internet backbone providers to put an end to the proliferation of child pornography.  I’m thrilled that these large companies have taken this step.  In fact I decided to do something about it. Before I tell you what I did, check out the article here:

 US firms to block child sex sites

Child pornography is a terrible evil and is representative of the moral decay in the world.  It should be clear to all Christians that there is no place for this type of filth.  So, the first thing I did when I saw this was write a letter to each of the three companies involved and praise them for taking a stand and committing to make the internet safer.  Here is what I wrote:

I Just read the BBC article referencing your company.

I wanted to say THANK YOU!  I am so offended by pornography and worry about its affect on my two young daughters and I am thrilled that your company has taken the first step toward eliminating this!


Daniel Watrous

The three companies that made this committment include Sprint, Verizon and Time Warner.  Contact information is below:

Sprint: Taylor, John B <>


Time Warner: (click the link that says “Online Form”)

Make sure that you voice your support today for this great step forward.  Maybe if they hear enough Americans decry the terrible practice of pornography (and especially child pornography), they will finally be willing to support measures like the Child Protect Channel Initiative .

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